Big Horn Basin Tea Party on the State of the Republican Party

The Late, Great Republican Party (and Democratic, Too)

What in the world is going on here? The two leading Republican candidates are Trump and Cruz – the non-establishment, non-traditional, non-mainstream candidates! The lead Democratic candidate in the all-important New Hampshire primary (by 27 points!) is now Bernie Sanders, the socialist, Marxist, “let’s honeymoon in the Soviet Union,” senator from the People’s Republic of Vermont! Bernie’s even chewing on Hillary’s butt in Iowa!

Shock?! Disbelief?! Dismay?!

No, not at all. This has been in the making for quite some time. We, in the Big Horn Basin Tea Party, have been predicting the crash of the Republican Party for at least 7 years. We saw it coming. We saw the writing on the wall.

Yet, those in the mainstream establishment refused to listen and see the political realities. The Republican Party has been at war with itself for many years. But, with the help of the Tea Parties, it has never been as intense as it has been at present. Why? The once liberty-oriented Republican Party of economic freedom, balanced budgets, “let the states do it” philosophy, has lost its direction. Its conservative ship of state, its once deeply imbedded anchor is now drifting in a sea of confusion of lost purpose and conflicted identity. The hard cold truth is that the Republicans are just about as apt to spend as freely and grow government as Democrats. They both solve no problems, but are just as apt to compound them as the liberal philosophy has so ably done the past 40+ years.

We in the Tea Party movement have been preaching the demise of the Republican Party and its lost values till our faces turned blue. Seemingly to no avail. We have been branded as “crazies,” “uncompromising thugs,” “brain dead zealots.” Our greatest critics have never been Democrats, but mainstream Republican leaders who have believed we were threatening their power base. The result? A splintered party where the “faithful” are no longer faithful, but have lost confidence and assurance that the Party will do the right thing. Few believe the Party is effective or can be effective in the future. Surprise! The Tea Parties have been far more effective in changing minds than we thought.

Enter Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz. They are doing well, very well, because the Republican base believes the Party has failed them, has refused to honor their values. Just ask any Republican leader about this development and their faces turn red in front of your eyes. Been there, done that. They are panic stricken, terrified at this turn of events. The very thought of their loss of power over the Party is hateful to them. Instead of going with the popular sentiment, they will do all they can to keep their power and prevent a nomination of either Trump, Cruz, or even Carson. I truly believe that.

We will see a civil war within the Party at the convention come August. Believe it!

The Democrats are not much better off. Never has that party seen so many disaffections. Only 29% of the electorate have registered as Democrats. A historically low number. The new Democrats are now “gimme, gimme” socialists and Marxists. They see the Clinton’s as corrupt big money Wall Street toadies. Even Hollywood has embraced crazy uncle Bernie, who, if he had his way, would nationalize the movie industry and put them all on a modest salary. (I’d love to see George Clooney in a suburban split level) The point is, the mainline Democrats will do whatever is necessary to coronate Hillary, at the expense of the disenchanted.

Do you see the pattern developing here? The Republican Party is being infused by us no nonsense constitutional conservatives with traditional Judeo-Christian values while the Democrats are being infiltrated by a growing number of nutty socialists and worse, with secular “gimme” values. The only result can be a country that cannot come to grips with itself. A nation with two diverse sets of values and goals that can find no common ground. Are we in trouble or what?

By Rob Dilorenzo