Wyoming Capitol Construction

Wyoming Capitol construction costs have grown to about $300 million in appropriations. Much of the construction has been awarded in no bid contracts – which is in conflict with the state’s constitution.

Date Vendor Amount Purpose Justification
9/16/14 Monument Builders $30,699.00 Capitol Hill Building Renovation. Change Order (1) – Furnishing and installation of a new elevator.
10/1/14 J. E. Dunn Construction Company $385,000.00 Capitol Renovation CMAR Solicitation
10/20/14 Morrow Holdings $129,600.00 Probe Package for Asbestos Abatement Negotiated. Contract to expand to include Capitol Building probe.
11/3/2014 J.E. Dunn $130,381.00 Additional Work/Capitol Renovation Sole Source. Additional work to existing contract
11/26/2014 HDR Architecture $21,509,200.00 Capitol Renovation Change Order. Extend the term of the contract plus add Level III Basic & Supplemental Design Services to contract
12/5/2014 Monument Builders $10,771.00 Additional work at Capitol Hill Building Change Order. Add sheetrock, insulation, and concrete to current contract
12/15/2014 Monument Builders $50,535.00 Capitol Hill Renovation Change Order. Upgrade water main
1/6/2015 Monument Builders $10,123.00 Addition to Scope of Work/Capitol Hill Building Change Order. Addition of two powered door operators
1/6/2015 Morrow Holdings dba Risk Removal $23,250.00 Additions to Scope of Work – Idelman Mansion Change Order. Asbestos Abatement at the Idelman Mansion
1/16/2015 The Design Studio TDSI $50,000.00 Idleman Mansion renovation Negotiated. Vendor possesses expertise in historical restoration projects
1/16/2015 Monument Builders $115,808.00 Capitol Hill Building renovation Change Order. Additional electrical work and duct insulation
1/30/2015 Cedar Mountain Tree Care $24,600.00 Addition to Scope of Work/Capitol Hill Building Change Order. Tree removal, stump grinding and clean up.
2/10/2015 Monument Builders $23,362.00 Capitol Hill building renovation Change Order. Increase the scope of work to include additional offices.
2/27/2015 Fuel Management Solutions $12,500.00 Capitol Square project Negotiated. Underground Storage Tank closure
2/27/2015 SJR Environmental Consulting Services $18,200.00 Capitol Square Project Negotiated. SJR will complete balance of work since Lowham Walsh closed their doors
2/27/2015 Cator, Ruma & Associates $34,990.00 Capitol Hill building renovation Change Order. Revisions to the office layout per Herschler building relocations
2/27/2015 Cheyenne Light Fuel & Power $55,125.64 Capitol Square renovation Negotiated. Relocate gas main
2/27/2015 Terracon Consultants $861,953.00 Capitol Square improvements Change Order. Construction materials engineering & testing services
3/20/2015 Edwards General Contractors $577,837.00 Idleman Mansion Renovation Negotiated. Edwards can meet timeline needed by JE Dunn for capitol renovation
3/31/2015 JE Dunn Construction Company $199,000,000.00 Capitol Square Project Negotiated. CMAR for Capitol Project – selected through interview process
4/2/2015 Monument Builders $9,264.00 Capitol Hill building renovation Change Order. Addition to scope of work to include exterior caulking & exterior repairs
5/12/2015 Century Link $27,157.17 Capitol Square Project Sole Source. Only source able to relocate fiber optic cable on 26th Street
5/21/2015 City of Cheyenne $10,458.94 Capitol Square – Temporary Space Sole Source. Only source to obtain a permit for tenant finish at 2020 Carey Ave.
5/21/2015 Edwards General Contractors, Inc $395,186.00 Capitol – Square Idelman Manson/Kendrick Renovation Change Order. Change the intent of original contract from time & material to a set scope of work
5/29/2015 TDSi – The Design Studio, Inc. $31,021.00 Capitol Square – Idelman Mansion Change Order. Increase scope of work to include Construction Administration and Post Construction to the scope of work.
5/29/2015 Simon Contractors Company $44,385.00 Capitol Square – West Parking Lot Change Order. Increase scope of work to include inlet box replacement, fly ash treatment, etc.
6/15/2015 SJR Environmental Consulting Services, Inc. $29,100.00 Capitol Square Renovation Project Change Order. Change scope of work to include demolition at the Capitol & Herschler Buildings
7/10/2015 Edwards General Contractors, Inc. Capitol – Square Idelman Manson/Kendrick Renovation Change Order. Increase the scope of work regarding the Idelman/Kendrick renovation
7/20/2015 Honeywell $128,525.00 Capitol – Square Idelman Manson/Kendrick Renos #2013-015 Negotiated. Provide security related items to the Idleman Mansion
7/24/2015 Honeywell Building Solutions SES Corporation $346,250.00 Capitol Square – TI Improvement Negotiated. Vendor will provide fire alarm system at 2020 Carey
8/5/2015 KONE Inc. $392,784.00 Capitol Square – 2020 Carey Elevator Negotiated. Contractor to provide elevator modernization required by building/fire code
8/13/2015 MOCA Systems, Inc. $446,318.37 Oversight of the Capitol Project Negotiated. Oversight Committee selected MOCA for oversight of the Capitol Project
8/14/2015 Terry Dowd $68,372.00 Capitol Square – Move Artwork & Sculptures Negotiated. Vendor possesses expertise required for services needed
8/27/2015 Handle With Care, LLC $50,315.00 Capitol Square Renovation Project- Artwork Storage & Transportation Negotiated. Vendor chosen at the recommendation of several museums.
9/4/2015 Buehler Moving & Storage $539,477.50 Capitol – Square – Moving Services Negotiated. RFP was solicited by AICM resulting in no responses. Buehler provided an acceptable quote to move DEQ
9/11/2015 Audio Fidelity Communications Corporation dba Whitlock $7,828.97 Capitol – Square – Audio Relocation Change Order. Additional work to be performed regarding the relocation of the audio system from the Capitol to the Jonah Center
9/18/2015 Elements $8,066.67 Capitol Square – 2020 Carey Negotiated. Elements can provide specific components to maintain consistency with systems furniture.
9/18/2015 Prestige Corporate Relocation $93,852.92 Capitol Square Project – Office Relocations Negotiated. RFP solicitation resulted in no responses. Vendor can provide quality work within the scheduled requirements
9/18/2015 JE Dunn Construction Company $140,127.00 Capitol Square Project Change Order. Increase scope of work to include Historic Finishes Investigation & Exterior Photo Documentation
9/18/2015 ThyssenKrupp Elevator $409,552.00 Capitol Square Project – Temporary Space @ 2020 Carey Avenue Negotiated. Life/safety repairs to be made to the elevator located at the 2020 Carey Avenue building