Wyoming, A Conservative State?

For many years Wyoming has been touted as a conservative state because of the high ratio of “Republicans” running the state. When you start to look closer at the fiscal spending you start to see how Mead, Nicholas, and Brown look exactly like Obama, Reed, and Pelosi. For several years anyone with any sense of economics could see that Wyoming was heading into a reduction of income because of the drop in energy funds. Instead of acting appropriately the leadership of the Legislature along with the Governor chose instead to ignore the obvious and belittle those who advocated for a conservative fiscal policy. In the last legislative session they passed a “supplemental” budget bill which according to the state constitution was in violation of Article 3 section 34 by spending money on such frivolous things as 3 million dollars for a golf course among many others. When asked for his opinion by a legislature the Attorney General who supposedly works for the people of Wyoming sidestepped and declined to give his opinion. For $175,000 dollars of our money I think the AG should actually look out for the people of Wyoming.

Governor Mead is pushing for the legislature to pass the Medicaid Expansion this year because in his words the money promised by the federal government will allow us to spend more and hire more government employees. The federal government already voted to cut this funding so that will mean that the citizens of Wyoming will have to pick up the bill. Why should the hard working citizens have to pay for able bodied peoples medical bills when we already have to pay for our own?

When most of us have a decline in income we have to look at our budgets and cut back on the frills and not essential items. Unfortunately our “leaders” in Cheyenne look more to the example from Washington and continue to spend. We hire more people to do the same jobs for more money. The Governor’s office is a prime example which has increased its employees 155% from 2002 to now. The chief of staff for the Governor is paid a whopping $175,000 which is in my opinion out of line for a public employee in a state where the median income is $57,000.

The Governor talks about breaking into the rainy day funds and diverting money from the PMT to pay for projects that are unnecessary and frivolous. The reason that Wyoming is one of the few states that has managed to be in the black is because of the money we put away to invest in our future. Why are we spending millions of dollars on wasteful pie in the sky projects like the high altitude training facility while cutting money to cities and counties? We also are giving money to companies like Mag-pull and the Integrated Test Center among others which violate Article 3 Section 36 which prohibits appropriating public funds to corporations and other entities not 100% under the control of the state.

To further add insult to injury there has been talk of bringing an income tax to Wyoming just so we can continue our wasteful spending. As we look to this year’s Budget session of the legislature it looks like we are more likely to see spending in the example of Obama, Reed, and Pelosi instead of the conservative Republican Platform and Principles. Truly we see the shining example of the term RINO in our so called “conservative” leaders Mead, Nicholas, and Brown. If only we had a conservative state that valued fiscal conservatism instead of wasteful spending. The real question is will the Republican party stand up for their stated Principles or will they continue to back anyone who just happens to stick an “R” on their name?